Monday, January 25, 2010

Juan Accepts Christ

Juan and Gela are friends of the family. Geña and Gela are relatives and Geña often goes to pray with Gela who is often by herself with her little boy Manuel because for the past few years Juan has been working in the mountains. Life for them was not good and even though they are not married (only living together), they separated for a while. Gela asked for prayer the last time Juan went back to work in the mountains for the marijuana harvest. Geña and Gela prayed that God would cause something to happen in order that Juan would have to come back. Two weeks later, Juan came home very discouraged. The Mexican Judiciales (Law/Police) had come and confiscated everything, cutting all the plants and leaving nothing. That Sunday, Gela asked Geña to pray for them and Geña asked Juan if he would like to accept Christ as his Saviour and he said yes. They all prayed together and Juan gave his life to Jesus. Juan and Gela will be getting married in February. Please keep them in your prayers.

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