Thursday, September 22, 2016


They came to feast!
Week four of El Reto featured “The Banquet”, and the teams came ready.  This week the two events outside the church were held at the nearby town of Las Pilas. First, the students participated in a relay race, by passing a soaked sponge, in order to fill a small bucket of water.  The students had a ton of fun, many of them opting to drench the friend behind instead of carefully passing the sponge to them.

The students also enjoyed the cooler weather.  As you can see in the photos, we were dodging rain the entire afternoon and evening.  One sight we always like to see during El Reto is some of the younger kids taking an interest in all the activities.  Here are some future El Reto participants that I’m sure can’t wait until it is their turn!

Now it was time for the main event, “The Banquet”!  The students just had a short sprint to get to the designated area.

This event featured 11 prepared meals with different members of each team racing to be the first to finish.  The meals are homemade but nothing you would see on your typical restaurant’s menu!  This past Saturday they had a “Zombie Sandwhich”, a sandwhich made with chicken gizzards and lettuce, topped with BBQ sauce. “Eyes”, a simple course of three hard-boiled eggs, “S.O.S”, octopus tentacle that was boiled, “A Herd of Dogs”, three raw hot dogs with all the condiments which the students had to eat without hands.  And this was a just a taste of the menu…
Are you hungry yet? 
The captains selected volunteers from their team to participate in the different rounds, each of them not knowing what would be placed in front of them.  A few backed out completely, but with their teammates standing nearby and cheering them on, most stayed strong and tried their best to finish their plate or drink. 

All of the participants were valiant and did a great job.  The last course was something for the entire team to take part.  As the storm opened up right above us, teams hurried to finish a bowl of marshmallows covered in honey. 

With the rain pouring down, the staff loaded up tables and supplies as quickly as possible and headed back to Centro Cristiano in Cofradia. Not as dirty as The Walk last week, but just as wet, the students packed the room upstairs for The Refuge.  Pastor Luis re-capped the night’s activities and shared a short message from the Word.  Time flies when you are having fun!  We are now on the backend of El Reto 2016, with only two Saturdays left!  I’ll speak for the rest of the Staff and all of the teams involved; we can’t wait until week five!

Here is the video for week #4...


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