Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cold Weather

I couldn't believe the thermometer this morning when it read that last night's low was 41 degrees. It was a cold one. We had orientation for the team that arrived and stayed at the church until 10pm. It was freezing! This morning was cold as well, 45 degrees at 7am when we went to breakfast. I don't think I've experienced cold weather like this here before.


  1. Hey bud, hope it warms up for you down there! Let us know when you're coming up here!

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Hey Jeff! It’s been a little weird, yesterday morning it was in the 50s, but when the sun comes out…look out! During the day, it’s in the 80s. Can’t wait to see you guys, we should be in Washington around the 20th of February. I need to come back down here for a team that will be here who focuses on youth, that will be the first couple weeks of March. Then, back to Washington and anxiously await the newcomer. :)