Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sunday Speaker

It was a blessing to have my friend Hector here this weekend. He preached in Cofradia and in Arrayanes. It was a great message, encouraging us to continue to seek God and not be “comfortable” where we’re at. This is my heart for the youth here because many of them are doing so well with their instruments that they have become bored with them, wanting to learn a different one. I can only teach what I don’t know to a certain point, this was a great message for them to put more effort into being creative and learning new things with the instruments they play. Hector mentioned that sometimes there are things that hold us back for stretching ourselves for something bigger. It can be different for different individuals; for some it may be fear of the unknown, for others it may be unbelief, for others it may be the love of money, and for others it may be something else. Whatever it is, we will not grow until that “something” is given over to God.

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