Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Graduation" Party

Last night, the five youth who finished all four levels of the dicipleship program came over to our house for a get-together to talk about what's ahead for them. In truth, they have accomplished something that is very hard to do especially coming from their background. The first level is pretty easy, talking about the basics of what the Bible actually says on things like Baptism, Prayer, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, etc. Very good course that was passed on to us by Pastor Rafael Gradilla in Bellevue, WA who does this course for his congregation quite often. Thank you Pastor Rafael.

The next three levels are from the Navigator's 2:7 series. There are three books; the first helps us to grow in our personal relationship with God. The next one brings it to another level, challenging us to put together our personal testimony and share it with the church. The final book teaches us how to bear fruit in the Family of God. We have a challenge that we added of having them help out in one of the Sunday services, teaching a Sunday School class, helping out with communion, or welcoming the congregation, etc. There are lots of options for them, each one has done a great job!

Now, the next step is to choose a Mentor in their life. Last night we gave them options to choose who they feel most comfortable with amongst our missionary and pastoral staff. By Sunday, they will all have chosen someone. We will help them out a little so there will be a good match. They all seem real excited about it. Out of that relationship, with the help of the Mentor, they will be guided to work as an aprentice in a certain area of the church. I may be making it sound complicated, but I believe that this is something that we can be real effective in on training up leaders and disciples for Christ.

I shared a devotional that would pertain to their postion on persevering and keeping their eyes on Christ. As we wrapped up the devotional time, we talked about the mentorship, and then got ready for Hot Dogs.

While we were waiting for the food to be cooked...

Sandra, Mili, and Ruben hung out at the kitchen counter,

Julio was trying out the hot dogs to make sure they were done,

and Goyito played with Rebecka in the wheel chair.

After dinner, we played a challenging and competative game of Pictionary.

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