Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Saturday I spent the morning working on putting a roof on our front porch with the help of one of the men in the church. I'm so glad to have that done. Hugo (Gena's brother) is working on the steps today. I haven't taken any pictures yet, maybe when the steps are done. In the afternoon I was able to use the new miter saw a friend gave me while in Arizona. I put up the trip for the doors in our's and Rebecka's bedrooms. That evening we had a less than 5 minute Christmas burning party (the three of us) of which I took pictures, but on Sunday I forgot our camera in Arrayanes. Today I'll be going there, I hope it's still around.

I had the camera in Arrayanes to take a picture of the youth as we had a special recogniction with certificates for those who finished the Discipleship course. When I get back from Arrayanes, I'll have to post the pics.

We have a staff meeting in 1/2 hour. That's all for now.

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