Sunday, January 22, 2006

Worship Leaders Update

Thank you for your prayers this week. Chupa and Mili did excellent! I'm so proud of the both of them!

Chupa did a great job this morning in Cofradia, calling the congregation together to begin worship, leading in the songs, praying between a couple songs, and having the people be seated when finished. Great Job!! He's been battling a cold himself, so I was extra proud of him for sticking in out. If he looses his shyness, he could be one of the strongest leaders of the church. He's a very likable person, EVERY team that comes here falls in love with this guy. Please pray that the Lord would give him a boldness and that his leadership skills would develop even further.

Mili did a wonderful job this afternoon in Arrayanes. Very much the same as far as inviting the congregation to worship, praying, singing, and closing. She has a beautiful voice and has a lot of potential to leave me without a job! She's doing great leading the group, and also is teaching the children's sunday school. Please pray that she will be able to keep her focus on giving God the glory and continue to seek His desires for her life.

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