Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cy-Fair Team; Day One


The youth decided to invite the Cy-Fair youth short-term mission team to our weekly Abundant LIFE meeting on Saturday night. The team had just arrived from getting into the airport after a late flight from Houston to Mazatlán; our youth went to the mission base to greet them and invite them to a “normal” weekly meeting. There were only two things that were not normal about the meeting: 1) barbecued hot dogs, and 2) having the team. What a great way to start the week!!! We were able to hang out for a while and all the youth (Mexican and American) were conversing back and forth, getting to know one another, reacquainting friendships, it was beautiful!
Hot Dogs for Everyone!
The Girls getting Reacquainted

Just after 6pm, we started with a game. Sandra, a Student Leader, headed up a game that was a conversation between the two youth groups. The Mexicans started by saying “Welcome”; the Americans proceeded with “Thank you …” The game’s twist was that in the competition between guys and girls, the Mexicans spelled out the words in English to the Americans and the Americans spelled out the words in Spanish—using ONLY THEIR HIPS. It was funny!
The HIP Game

Martin, another Student Leader, shared from Corinthians about running the race of life and not giving up when obstacles come our way. Jay helped out with the translation and did a great job!
Martin (in the distance) sharing with Jay interpreting

We had three small groups at the end led by Sandra, Martin, and Chuy (another Student Leader). It was amazing to see the transparency already forming amongst the two nations. What an exciting time as they talked about their daily struggles of “running the race.”
Girls' small group discussion
Guys' small group discussion with Chuy
Guys' small group discussion with Martin

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