Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cy-Fair Team; Day Six (Mar. 20)

Day five was work in the morning and free time in the afternoon. The girls made crafts for the next day’s events and the guys played speed soccer in Arrayanes. Day six was a HUGE day. This was the final day the team was to be here with us and the work project was to pour the roof—14 cubic meters of cement! We have a cement mixer, but we had to lift the buckets up to the roof for it to be poured. 78,000 lbs. of cement in 3 hours! It was an amazing day!

That evening, there was a banquet/awards night. The awards were for our youth as we recognized them for their achievements in the past year. We only were able to give out 5 awards, and I wish we could have given out more! We have such an awesome youth group! The awards were the following:

Most Improved Band Member: Gregorio “Gollo” Hernández.

Gollo has been a part of the band since the beginning as he learned how to play the bass guitar. Now he’s learned how to play acoustic and electric guitars and drums! We gave him the award for his attitude and willingness to step in at drums when we lacked a drummer. He was willing even though the confidence level was low. He has done an excellent job and by far is one of our best musicians!

Spirit Award: Pedro Salaiza

Pedro has been part of the church since he was a little kid. His mom, Ramona, was one of the first (sometimes only) attendees over 10 years ago. Pedro has grown up in the church and has a willingness to participate in anything. He’s grown a lot in the past year, not only in Spirit, but in leadership as well. What an awesome young man!

Servant Award: Jose Isabel “Cheche” Soto

Cheche has grown a lot this past year. He deserves this servant award because he’s always willing to serve. He doesn’t complain, on the contrary, he’s always asking how he can help and looking for opportunities to serve. His heart for the Lord is revealed in his actions! He’s a gem!

New Generation Award: Aidé Adilene Garzón

This award is new this year because we focused a lot on the new students that entered the youth group from elementary school. Aidé has huge potential to be a great leader in the youth group—we can all see it! Her soft worshipful heart is contagious and encouraging. What a blessing to have in the youth group!

Braveheart Award: Jesús Alberto “Chuy” Hernández

This award is the biggest of them all. It tells you that he has had a courageous heart and has been brave at stepping outside of his comfort zone to serve God. He has taken the biggest steps out of anyone in the youth group this past year. There are too many things to name that he’s accomplished and been a part of to list. He’s been a very good friend to me personally and is such a joy to have around. Chuy is worth bragging about! He wants to go to Bible College in August if the funds come in for him and I can’t say enough about this guy and his sensitive heart for the Lord. He’s VERY shy and doesn’t compromise his faith! WOW, What a guy! Thank you, Lord for allowing me to experience life with Chuy around!

We were also able to recognize the Student Leaders who have helped out so much this year: Chuy, Sandra, Martin, Jose Luis, and Julio. I can’t put into words the joy and excitement of being able to work with these students! Praise God!

Thank you Cy-Fair for your help this week!!!

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