Monday, March 24, 2008

Cy-Fair Team; Day Two (Mar. 16)

The morning service was normal with Pastor Gollo preaching and the Cy-Fair team did a great job leading the Children’s Sunday school classes. That evening, we had group games in the new church facilities as they got to get to know each other a little better. We took a group photo which was printed out and put on mattes as a gift from our youth group to theirs. One of the neatest things was Sandra’s idea to make bolis for the group. A boli is usually frozen cool-aid in a little bag—kinda like our homemade pop-cycles—only better. Other flavors include chocolate milk, coke, and any fruit you can get your hands on. Sandra and Amber made 90 bolis for their youth group and ours to enjoy. The flavor was the best one—rum extract (non-alcoholic). Bolis, better known as “God’s teardrops” by the Pastors at Cy-Fair, are VERY good! Great thinking by Sandra!

The Bolis

Some girls from both groups hanging around and enjoying their bolis.

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