Wednesday, March 12, 2008

February Update

Greetings everyone!!!

We had a full month in February with a lot of activities. The sun has been out every day, but it’s still a little cold getting down into the 50s at night. Our family is doing well, we have had a little experience with colds, but we’re doing better.

Last month, we asked you to pray for…
* Ricardo and Jose Luis. Both Ricardo and Jose Luis have returned to Cofradía and they have expressed that the biggest thing they learned was how to listen to God and spend time alone with him each day. Jose Luis is the first person in our ministry here in Cofradía to be a missionary in a foreign country. His experience in Tunasia, Africa was unique to here because they were not able to openly share their faith; secret police constantly asked them what they were doing there. What they did was walk the streets, talk and make friends with people and take advantage of the open doors God would give them in that Muslim community. He has made a couple of friends that he continues to be in contact with from Africa, so the doors are still open. Great news!

* Student Leadership Conference. Pastors Brad Pembleton and Dave Chavez from Houston, Texas came down on Valentine’s Day and spent the weekend talking to our youth about where the Kingdom of God is and what it looks like. Many of the students were able to identify where it is and what it looks like. On Saturday night it all came alive when we walked through the village and stood in front of certain homes and places talking about how we can show God’s love to the people who are associated with those places. A big one was along the road just past the Jr. and Sr. High school where there was lots of trash that people just throw on the ground (something very common here). Many of them were able to see how they can show love to God’s creation and the town by not throwing garbage anymore or picking up garbage that isn’t theirs. What an impactful time!
* February LIFE NIGHT. This event went really well. I shared about Jonah and will continue to do so in the next couple of months amongst other activities at our weekly meeting Abundant LIFE. Attached are a couple of pictures of the Banana Eating Contest we had. One person had to feed a banana to another, but the one eating had to wear knee-highs on their head—take a look!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Other activities that happened during the month were: a Marriage Conference on February 1-3 with Doug and Jan Taylor. Geña and I were able to help them as Interpreters and it was very good information. We had our friends Jack and Vicki Angus with us for two nights in our home and what a blessing they were! We had some great conversations and unfortunately time flew by. Also, after having their travel trailer in our yard since October, the Klippensteins headed back to their home in Canada. They had a huge impact with teaching some of the students new instruments and helping others get better as well as working daily on the new church building project getting things prepared for teams when they were coming and just helping out wherever needed. Finally, we just finished a Family Conference again with the Taylors this past weekend on Feb. 29 to Mar. 2. You can see the report at this link

This month, please pray for…
* Dentists who will be coming down this week. Pray that as we meet the physical needs of the people here, their hearts will be open to spiritual matters as well (March 6,7).
* Cy-Fair Christian Church from Houston, Texas will be coming down with their youth group to work with our youth group (March 15-22).
* Doug and Jan Taylor as they return to Canada (March 24).
* March LIFE NIGHT that a youth group from Spokane, Washington will participate in with us (March 29).

Thanks again for your prayers

Steve, Geña, Rebecka, and Emma Silberman

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