Monday, March 10, 2008

Utility Trailer Adventures

One of the weirdest things that happened on our way down to Cofradia was that our trailer's tongue broke. What's weird about it is WHERE! We had driven around 3,000 miles already with the trailer jam packed. After about 500 miles into Mexico, it decided to snap on us. With the roads so bumpy, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I could see the trailer in my rear-view mirror "nodding" if you can call it that, and decided that I would check on it at the next gas station. Minutes later, the front of the trailer starts to bow down to the back of the truck and all of the sudden there was sound of metal scraping the pavement. I pulled over right away, looked back at the smoldering metal and thought, "I'm so glad this happened here and not earlier on the trip". There is quite a long section of road in the State of Sonora that has NO shoulder. There would have been no where for us to pull over. Where it did happen, the shoulder was unusually wide. Being in Mexico, it was easier to have something like this fixed. I flagged down some private police to tell them what I thought needed to be down (having it welded back together). They went to the next town, found a welder, and came back to wait for him with us. When the welder showed up, I was surprised to see that he was pulling a flatbed trailer with a big generator and weldor attatched to it! I have never seen anyone here have such a thing, it was like he was waiting for this to happen (it could be that stuff like this happens quite a bit). He backed his trailer up to ours and began working. Three hours and $50 dollars later, the trailer was fixed and we were on our way. I was encouraged to see how God looks out for us, this could have been A LOT worse!

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