Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cy-Fair Team; Day Three (Mar.17)

Their work project began. They were to tie re-bar all week in preparation for “The Pour” on Thursday morning of 14 cubic meters (a lot!). So, their next three mornings were spent on the roof of part of the education wing tying rebar.

The outreach in the afternoon was an Amazing Race style event. Only, the purpose was much bigger than trying to win. In the end, we decided not to name a winner so that what they just experienced would stay in their minds. Here’s what happened…

There were two guy teams who had a race designated for them, and two girl teams who had a race designated for them. The guys had to work together to figure out the clues that were in mixed Spanish/English language. Once they figured it out, they had to either perform an activity or go somewhere. Their race looked like this: They started at the church in Arrayanes and had to fill up a trash bag with garbage that was on the property and along the streets, and then they had to take that garbage bag to someone’s house, turn it in for a new bag. At the house, they were all to milk a cow and get at least one ounce before the next participant could try. This was definitely a challenge for some, and for others it was old school. Once everyone on their team had milked the cow, they had to run to the river (a five minute drive), go downstream, and fish. They needed to get 10 fish out of a mostly dried up riverbed. Martin, a student leader, is known as a Fish Whisperer now. He told us, “I’m going to corral the fish together to make it easier for the guys, if there isn’t enough fish, I’ll go to another spot to get some and put them in the designated area.” We were amazed! He not only corralled the fish to make it easy, but he did exactly what he said he would, he went to another fishing hole to get more fish. That way, each team caught ten! Then, in order to get the knife to clean the fish, they had to put all of the books of the bible in order (again, mixed Spanish/English). Then, they got a ride back to the Arrayanes church where they had to find a clue that was hidden on the property, make a goal on Pastor Brad, clean/sweep half of the soccer court, then take the fish to their final destination—a family in town who has shown interest in Christ, but have not taken more steps to follow Him.

The girl teams started out cleaning Town Hall, and then they took a picture of their team together at the new well in town. From there, they had to go back to the church to clean the sanctuary or children’s classroom. Once they did that, they had to play the “hip” game asking for the flour to make tortillas. After that, they went to the house where the cow was and each one on the team also milked the same cow, getting at least one ounce of milk. From there, they went to the same house as one of the guys teams and made tortillas and cooked the fish the guys caught at the river.

All of this running around and activity to learn how to work together as a team led to them making a meal for the family. This way they were to bring the “Kingdom of God” to that family, serving them. That is something that both of our youth groups have been talking about—taking the Kingdom of God to others—Loving God, and Loving others! It was a definite win!
Here are some pictures from the RACE...

The girls cleaning Town Hall.

One of the Americans milking the cow.

The guys running to the river to fish.

Aide finding the "hidden clue."

Sandra teaching one of the Americans to make tortillas.

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