Sunday, March 02, 2008

Family Conference

WOW! What great teaching Doug and Jan shared with us this weekend! Friday night was special for parents; they started with questions like, "How many of us would like to see our children growing in the Lord, being obedient, and filled with the Spirit?" Well, who wouldn't? They then went on to talk the rest of the evening about how we need to be a model to our children of what we want them to be like. If we want them to be respectful, we must be respectful, if we want them to be honest, we must be honest, etc. It was great!

Saturday night was for the youth. Doug and Jan talked mostly about how we believe the lies that we are told by other people or ourselves. They mentioned that there are two Fathers: the Father of Lies (Satan), and the Father of Truth (God) and we must NOT look at them on an equal level; Satan is a created being at the same level of Michael the Archangel. This was one of the best teachings I think the youth have ever received. We can get so easily tangled up in the lies we believe, "I'm ugly", "I'm stupid", "I need to do this so people will accept me." A number of students came forward to confess that they've been believing lies, repent of the lies, then renounce them. It was a great evening as well.


The conference ended on Sunday morning with a look at the Ten Commandments and how we must respect God, respect others (property, marriage, reputation, etc.). It was very good and Gena translated this morning because my throat was getting pretty bad after having translated the two previous nights, leading worship in the morning, and after fighting a cold all week. She did a great job!!

Doug and Jan are definately a rare jewel to have! Thanks guys!

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