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Greetings from Cofradia, Mexico! What a month!  We have definitely experienced God’s hand move in our ministry as we were able to purchase a new van in order to return to Cofradia and especially in our own family as God brings healing to little Mackenzie after getting burned.  Psalm 107:1 has kept surfacing during our experiences...”Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever.”  And, yes, we do give thanks to the Lord because He IS good.  He knows why things happen and how to bring glory to Himself through each circumstance we go through.  We are not on this earth to gratify our own pleasures and desires and hope that everything goes “right” (or the way we think is right) in order to have a peaceful, no hassle life.  We can and do have peace in Christ through tough circumstances.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever!

We are grateful for your partnering with us to invest in the Kingdom of God together as we Raise up Leaders in Rural Mexico!
Last month, we asked you to pray for...  

  1. Our Return to Mexico.  We had hoped to only be in California for about 10 days; it turned into a month!  During that time, we learned that we were unable to bring our personal vehicle back into Mexico until next September.  In the midst of not knowing what was next, we sent out an email for prayer and help with the purchase of a ministry van to bring to Mexico.  The Lord responded through many of you who prayed with us and gave donations.  One week later, we had a van!  One week after that, we were in Mexico!  You can read about why this all happened here and how the Lord provided here.
  2. MINI-RETO We were hoping to be here, but it is a good thing to know when you have capable people to continue the work you started when you’re not around!  There were around 150 students who attended and participated in this one-day RETO similar to what we do in September with churches from all over.  The report I received was that the impact on the student’s lives was incredible, especially during the ministry time at the end!  Thank you for your prayers!
  3. The TenBrink Family is planning to return to Washington for the rest of the year and will be handing over all of their responsibilities to the locals and myself.  Please continue to pray for a smooth transition and that my work-load does not increase too much.  Our desire is to continue to raise up leaders for this very purpose so that when one of us leaves, there are no holes to have to fill.
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This month, will you please pray for...

  1. Continued healing for Mackenzie.  In short, she was burned pretty bad after a bowl of boiling broth fell on her.  She is doing much better now and you can read about her and our story here.
  2. The TenBrink Family continue to pray for a smooth transition here in Cofradia and that the Lord would give them safe travels and supply their needs in Washington.
  3. Emma’s Birthday is April 10; she’ll be 8 years old and is really excited!
  4. Summit Bible College Nayarit Extension will continue with it’s second term on Tuesday, April 8.  All of the 15 students have expressed how much it has helped them as they learn more about God’s Word in Bible Survey and the History of the Church.  Please continue to pray that the Lord provides for them in order to pay for their tuition.
  5. Us as we try to get caught up from being gone so long and after Mackenzie’s accident.  I am extremely busy and it’s been really hard to get things done.  Pray that we will be able to have a good balance between “work” and spending time with the kids.
Thank you very much for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support.
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Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions Cofradia
Area Director

SKYPE: “srsilberman”

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