Monday, October 23, 2023

Investment in the Kingdom: A Family Reunited

A young man came to our house the other day who has confided in us for nearly two decades. This young man knows Jesus and is learning how to trust in Him.

Almost a year ago, this man found himself in such a grave situation that made him so desperate he pretty much lost his mind. He became dangerously suicidal and threatened to take his wife's life. What was going on left us all astonished; we had no clue of problems in their marriage. Things escalated to the point that he ended up in jail for a few months. After being released, he sought psychological help and is doing much better. Soon, the truth of what sparked the consuming fire in this relationship came out and he found himself needing to forgive his wife for her unfaithfulness. By this time, she had taken her children and left to live in the city with the person she thought would solve her problems. Her situation became so miserable that she fell into depression and her kids were suffering terribly. When offering her to come back home, she accepted and they mutually forgave each other. She has still not made Jesus Lord of her life, but they have taken a step forward to a better situation. Our prayer is that she gives her life to Jesus and he is able to peacefully trust in the Lord and be the man of God he is called to be. They are far from being restored, but for now are A Family Reunited.

Thank you for your prayers for the believers in Centro Cristiano Cofradia. Your Investment in the Kingdom is helping to restore families.

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