Monday, October 23, 2023

Investment in the Kingdom: Forgiveness is Freeing

On our way back to Cofradía, we stopped by our friends' church in Culiacán, Cordero Y Leon. They adjusted one of their meetings in order for us to be able to participate in their service. About a dozen people came to the late evening service and we just sat around a table and talked together. This church had just finished the 13 week Discipleship Course called Freedom In Christ; one of our staples in our ministry. I asked those who had participated what their experience was and how the Lord impacted their life. Each one mentioned just like most others who take the course, that the section on forgiveness spoke to them the most. More than one said, "I didn't realize that I had not forgiven (either someone in their life or themselves)". Forgiveness is Freeing!

Thank you for Investing in the Kingdom of God and partnering with us! Some of you have given and contributed to Pastor Rodrigo and his church Cordero y Leon in Culiacán. This is part of your investment.

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