Monday, October 30, 2023

Investment in the Kingdom: Flee in the Name of Jesus!

Growing up, my mom taught me that when temptation comes or if I'm feeling attacked, I can tell Satan to flee in Jesus Name, and he will flee. It works. It works because Satan is defeated. Jesus defeated him. He is just a powerless being with a big mouth. His specialty is lying, mainly through deception. We see this all over! Here in Mexico AND in the states.

A few days ago, a young man came by the house and told me that he was having trouble sleeping at night. He said he could feel a presence enter his room. Sometimes, he says it grabs hold of his arms and he can't move them. Other times it covers his mouth so he can't speak. He said this happened the other night, and he was able to get out the words, "Flee in the Name of Jesus!". As soon as he said that, the presence left the room and he was free.

This reminds me of an encounter I had in the late 1990s when I first arrived in Cofradia. I had been here for a little over a year when a brother in the Lord (Joel) asked me to go with him to pray for a girl who was having some problems sleeping at night. Joel was from San Diego (a nearby village) and had recently given his life to the Lord. His testimony was amazing! I used to go out to his house each week for a home group bible study as well as another Indian village called Agua Aceda, about 7 miles up into the mountains. Joel has since passed away.

Joel and I hiked out to where the 12 year old girl lived with her mother between the two villages. When we arrived at the house, her and her mother were there to greet us. I think I remember a couple little kids, too. This girl told me that she couldn't sleep because she was afraid. She said something scary that looked like a purple pig with really long fingernails appeared at the end of her bed trying to grab her at night.

I looked at her and said, "I cannot help you, only Jesus can." After explaining to her who Jesus is, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life and accepted him into her heart. I told her that because she had Jesus inside her, all she needs to do is tell whatever that scary looking thing is to "flee in the name of Jesus!"

A few years went by without seeing them or hearing from them. One day, while visiting San Diego where Joel lived, I saw the mother of the girl, her name is Julia. She remembered me and I asked her how things continued with her daughter. She said after we prayed for her and left, she never saw that creature again! Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for your Investment in the Kingdom. Your prayers for our ministry, the people we come in contact with, and our own lives are so appreciated! It is because of your partnership that we can reach these people.

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