Monday, October 30, 2023

Prayer for Maty

Mati is Pastor Goyo's wife. He is the Lead Pastor of Centro Cristiano Cofradia and works along side me as the head of La Cofradia United. Mati has been leading the Cofradia Kitchen for a few years now and has taken some time off because of her health. She has had pain in her abdomen for a while and the doctors removed her appendix which later they realized that was the wrong diagnosis. After searching deeper with better machines, they found a tumor hidden behind her intestines. The tumor was removed a week ago and they will be renting an apartment in Tepic for a couple weeks. She is doing much better and never likes to be the center of attention. She has not wanted any of us to say anything. But, please pray for a complete healing in her body, quick recovery, and if you feel led to help out financially with their doctor bills, please indicate that in making a donation specifically for "Pastor Goyo" here.

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