Monday, October 23, 2023

Investment in the Kingdom: Useless Garbage to Perfect Blessing

(these are not the original sandals in the story)
At the Tuesday night meeting in Cofradia, one of the ladies who attends lives with her in-laws. One day her father-in-law was throwing out a pair of sandals that no longer fit her mother-in-law. She saw them and thought, "someone could use those!". Her father-in-law even told her, "those are useless, what are you doing digging them out of the garbage?" She responded, "These are still good, someone can use them". She left it up to the Lord to show her who the sandals could bless. Hours later, another lady who was in great need was passing by the house and she noticed her need for sandals. She went back in the house to get the sandals the were deemed "useless" and gave them to the lady; they fit perfectly! These sandals went from Useless Garbage to Perfect Blessing! And, the sister used the skills she's learned of listening to the still small voice in her Spirit on how to be a blessing to someone.

Thank you for Investing in the Kingdom of God and partnering with us! Some of you have given and contributed to Pastor Goyo and the church in Cofradia, Centro Cristiano. This is part of your investment.

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