Monday, October 23, 2023

Investment in the Kingdom: Opening Up

Near the end of the meeting we had with Pastor Rodrigo and his midweek group, a visitor whom one of the members had invited, started to share what was going on in their life. They had grown up in the traditional Mexican church, but realized that there was no relationship with God. She went on and shared some issues that she had been dealing with in her life which caused her to search for Truth. When she was exposed to a Christian church, she realized that there was something more; the differences were night and day..."very different"...from what she was used to. She had been to a couple Christian churches, but either got lost in the crowd or was disappointed that the promised follow-up had not occurred. She was disillusioned and became discouraged. After listening to her share her heart, we had a time of prayer with her and she felt like she found a place where she could learn about God, the Truth, and how to walk out her Christian Faith. She was able to open up because the church was ready to listen.

Thank you for Investing in the Kingdom of God and partnering with us! Some of you have given and contributed to Pastor Rodrigo and his church Cordero y Leon in Culiacán. This is part of your investment.

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