Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Restoration House in Rosamorada

This is a report from late-summer of 2023 about Pastor Amado and the work he and his team are doing in Rosamorada, Nayarit. 

His church's name is La Iglesia Hermosa Casa de Oración (Beautiful Church House of Prayer) and they have activities Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and main service on Sunday. 

His Restoration House is called Lighthouse of Hope. This is a drug rehabilitation center that focuses on restoring the individual along with their family for a whole year. He expresses a need here for room and board scholarships for the young people who want to get off drugs. Most of the time, the family is unable to help and pay for this. It only costs about $200 us dollars a month for them to stay. It is a one year program, but because of the nature of a voluntary stay, most do not make it past 6 months. Join with us to help save someone's life out of the darkness of drugs. If you feel led, please indicate your contribution for "Cofradia United: Restoration House" and follow the instructions here.

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