Monday, October 19, 2015


Greetings from Cofradía, Mexico! We had hoped to get this out sooner, but we wanted to have all of the reports done for the RETO outreach.  Everything is done with the exception of the final week.  A lot has happened this month.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!

In our last update, we asked you to pray for... 
  1. Civil Association Status.  We are very close to getting this done. One more meeting and we will be functioning as “La Cofradía United International”.  Thank you for your prayers on this matter as it has and will continue to take a lot of time. 
  2. Mexican Religious Association.  We’ve decided to wait until we have finalized the civil status in order to begin focusing on the religious status.  We are excited about this; please continue to pray. 
  3. EL RETO.  What an awesome time!  You can read about the five weeks of outdoor activities on our blog at the links below.  The Student Ministry has been doing some debriefing and there has been a number of testimonies from students who don’t go to church.  “My concept of Christians has changed”, said one girl, “I felt free to be myself and I had so much fun!  I want to continue coming.” That is just one testimony of many who’s lives and perspectives have been changed; not only this year, but in years past, too!  A big THANK YOU to all who prayed for us and sent donations to help us reach our goal of $2,000 US Dollars.  This is not the end.  The concept of EL RETO will continue throughout the year as the student ministry travels to different towns and churches to continue to build relationships and share the love of God.  
  4. Bible School. We are three weeks into the Fall Quarter as we study Marriage Counseling and Advanced Leadership.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Read about what happened each week in EL RETO with lots of pictures and videos:

Here are some links to more:

This month, will you please pray for...

  1. The Ripples of EL RETO Pray for the Holy Spirit to move hearts as the Student Ministry Leaders continue to debrief with each team.  Pray for new converts and successful discipleship. 
  2. Civil Association Status.  Pray for a quick finish to the process as we meet with Hacienda (the Mexican IRS) and start functioning as a legitimate Mexican organization.  Pray for wisdom as we carry it out to do things correctly. (Thursday, October 22). 
  3. Religious Association Status.  Pray for guidance and wisdom as we put all the documentation together. 
  4. Bible School. Five or six students will be finishing up their requirements this quarter in order to graduate next June.  Pray for them as some continue to struggle financially for their tuition.  Pray for the three Masters students who will be working on their graduation exam soon (Pastor Goyo, Martin, and Angel). 
  5. Lain and Kelly Grant as they head out to Guadalajara today for their first level of Language School.  Pray for their retention of all the new vocabulary and grammar they’ll be learning.  We look forward to them returning in December for a couple of months to help with teams and other events we have at that time of year.  They have been such a blessing so far helping keep up the mission base property, writing reports for the ministry, and being available to serve where needed.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!

Thank you so much for being part of our team as we work together to RAISE UP LEADERS IN RURAL MEXICO!!!!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
La Cofradia United International
Alternative Missions
Area Director

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